Balmain x H&M - Part I

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Balmain x H&M leather moto jacket :: Balmain x H&M tee :: Top Shop skirt :: Sophia Webster sandals :: YSL clutch

Hey Lovelies!! I'm pretty excited about sharing this look with you guys, so I'll spare you greetings and delve right on into my Balmain x H&M - Part I haul! Now before you guys decide to judge and classify me as a "label whore"  those of you who know me and/or consistently follow my blog , know I'm quite the opposite (despite obvious labels shown above).  For the most part, I'm typically a "bargain babe", and a "get-more-for-your-money" kinda gal, but I felt a necessary obligation to do great justice to Oliver Rousteing's recent Balmain x H&M release and ironically that included me paring his garments with some of his fellow designer mates. I've admired not only Oliver's designs for a few years now, but after hearing him speak vulnerably about  his personal story, I became even more of a fan! I've always had a sweet spot for "something from nothing" stories and his story is a candid portrait of  just that. As a designer, inspirational/motivational stories like those awaken my creativity and compels me to strive and obtain similar success. 

This collaboration is hands down my favorite collaboration to date and definitely exceeded the hype it created, at least for me! In addition, the quality of the collection surpassed my expectations and compared to past H&M designer collaborations, I was thoroughly impressed with this one especially. You might be asking why? So, I'll be honest. This is the first designer collaboration I've seen that really hones in on both aesthetics and successfully combined them without being overpowering. ALSO!!!! Not only were the clothes produced in great quality, but so were the labeling and packaging! I think others were also impressed just the same because I seriously saw Balmain x H&M garment and shopping bags placed on Ebay for bidding. A little much for my taste, but that speaks volumes and confirms my stance on just how awesome sauce this release really was! 

Now that I've boasted a bit about the designer and his presentation, I'd like to share my thoughts about the two Balmain x H&M products shown in this post. So without further ado, can we just take a moment of silence and simply admire how awesome this Iconic Leather Moto Biker Jacket is?!?! If I didn't get that jacket, I probably would have been sad for a number of days because it truly is a stunning piece. Though it was priced at $399.00, this staple piece could possibly be relevant for a lifetime. I'm most attracted to the rich gold detailing which is why I had to have it. I also love the versatility of this piece - semi masculine, but also chic. It can be paired a number of ways and I also love that. Although, I have a few other leather jackets lingering in my wardrobe, the quality of this one surpasses that of the others and I don't foresee it cracking anytime soon, you know how leather does. The shirt was priced at $39.00 which I felt was a little pricey for a simple graphic tee. Funny thing is that I actually bought it with no intention to wear it, but to keep it as a keepsake. However, I realized it was the perfect paring for this look and honestly any other shirt wouldn't looked as great.

I wanted to add just enough femininity to this look, and I was so grateful to find this Top Shop chain mail texture tube skirt! If you're under the impression that my picture does this skirt no justice (which I'd actually debate you about that, lol) please click the product link and see it for yourself! It is soooooooo chic! As a side note, I didn't realize that this skirt was see-thru until I got home, but none of my goodies showed with the appropriate underwear, lol! I contemplated about what shoes I would pair this look with and without even second guessing it, I remembered I had these Sophia Webster's in my closet. They added just enough edginess to match my bad a$$ moto jacket. I also love these sandals because they can very well be paired with a-line flared dress/skirt and easily transform a look into more a classy, girly vibe. Last but not least, I've always loved YSL clutches because they can be paired with almost everything and anything,  which is why mine made the cut for this look!

Overall, this look was semi challenging to create because I really wanted to represent this collaboration well. Although I second guessed a lot of my decisions (which I rarely do), I am so pleased with how the look came together!! These two Balmain x H&M products certainly earn a two thumbs up from me. I am in love with their quality, and I know that I'll be able to recreate more looks with them which is super important to me. Hope you all enjoyed Part One of my Balmain x H&M  haul.  Please feel free to comment below with your thoughts about this look!! 


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