Balmain, Adidas, & MCM

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Balmain x H&M Moto Jacket :: Forever 21 Tank :: Cotton On Jeans :: Adidas Originals Superstar Tennis Shoes :: MCM Backpack

Hey Lovelies! Ever wonder what a chill day looks like for me!?! Well, to be honest, this is as accurate as it can get. When I'm not four or more inches higher up and dolled-up, I'm in kicks, a graphic tee, and jeans. When I decided to incorporate Balmain, Adidas, & MCM, I figured the three of these together would create something along the lines of a  picture perfect, casual street style look. Since it's been cold and chilly, I get to pull out some of my favorite moto jackets, trenches, and pea coats from time to time which is nice for a change. I rarely wear this particular moto jacket because I wouldn't consider it an "everyday" kinda wear (purchased from the Balmain x H&M release last year), but I couldn't resist rocking it today because it matched way too perfectly with the look I was aiming to achieve.

I've really tried to outgrow this black and gold obsession, but as you can see, that hasn't happened yet. I guess it's time to come to terms with things and accept that I'm pretty hooked like foreva eva, lol. On another note, I've noticed a transition in my wardrobe. Several of my more casual pieces are nothing but black - from tops to bottoms to accessories to shoes! A year ago, you could never get me to wear all black or to even consider purchasing black anything (aside from shoes) on any consistent basis. I was too busy hooked on bright colors and prints. Nonetheless, I'm ok with the wardrobe changes, because that shows a sign of my personal style evolving. Nowadays, I don't mind wearing black all day every day because I'm learning that black is the new ambition! Or so they say....  But, if the shoe fits, proudly wear it, right?!?! In addition, my black looks are always accompanied by gold tones which help me to stray away from giving off grungy and dull vibes.

Balmain, Adidas, & MCM surely stood out boldly with this look. Funny thing, I'm not into labels galore like that. I typically shy away from wearing a bunch of identifiable labels within a look at once. I guess, that MS (Madame Smith) rule went out the window here, lol. Oh well. I guess I can't apply my "usual's" to every single facet of my style, right?!?  I did want to mention that your casual street style can become pretty repetitive. To avoid a slew of repetition, stay true to yourself as best as you can, but revive your norm by subtly  trying  new colors, styles, etc. I find that this keeps your casual looks constantly refreshed.  MSsignature

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