Adidas Women's Originals - Toucan Print


Adidas Supergirl Track Jacke:: Adidas Leggings :: Adidas CourtVantage Mid Shoes

Hey Lovelies! What would you do if you were gifted this super dope Adidas Women's Originals - Toucan Print trio?!?! UMMMMMMM, blog/wear it immediately, right?!!? Right, lol!! But on a more serious note, I'll be honest and admit that I wasn't initially head over heels in love these pieces. Sure, I'm appreciative of gifts when they come, but what happens when you're thrown a curveball and receive something you typically would not wear (wearing a print head to toe isn't really my norm)? Do you - 1. Give it a try (going against your usual). 2. Send it back (which might potentially be taken as offensive). 3. Regift the gift. No seriously, I really wanna hear your thoughts, so after you're done reading my rant, please comment below. Lately, I've been pretty blessed to receive products for review, ect. However, there are times that I'm slightly apprehensive about product reviews/accepting gifts because certain pieces are not reflective of my style. BUTTTTTT, being the super duper nice person that I am, I'll always find a way to make it my own. Nevertheless, going with my gut and choosing option numero uno (giving it a try) worked well to my advantage in this case. I can't tell you guys how many compliments I received when I wore this look. It's super fun, extremely bright, and attention grabbing. 

You know those people you know who have that fear of birds??? I wonder just how'd they feel around me while I was drench in this toucan print, lol. Luckily I'm a pretty considerate person, so I didn't traumatize anyone I personally know who has the phobia! Interestingly enough, this campaign actually stands for, "everything's better with birds." Not too sure if I agree with that (haha), but I'm quite fond of this collaboration with Brazil's The Farm Company. I mean let's face it the design of twin toucan birds that's inspired by Rio De Janeiro's idyllic Tijuca Forest isn't too shabby. What person isn't fond of some figment of Brazil!?! The people are gorgeous, the scenery is break-taking, and the food is amazeballs!  So, after trying the entire look on, I wasn't so indifferent after all! MSsignature

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