'70s Vibes



Mustard Seed Romper :: Lola Shoetique sandals :: Forever 21 bucket bag 

Hey Lovelies! Have any of you ever experienced those moments when you know your outfit is considered fashionably wrong, but it feels oh so right?!? Yep, I definitely had one of those moments right here. Now I know my romper is screamin' vibes from the '70s, my gladiator sandals date back to God knows when, and the fringe bucket bag carries me back to those '70s vibes. However, all in all, no matter how wrong this outfit may seem to the eye, it felt pretty darn good. Los Angeles temps are beginning to drop (praise the Lord), but, the sun still peaks out here and there and brightly on some occasions which means I can still get away with a romper now and again. I did feel a tad bit obligated to incorporate Fall somewhere in this look, which is where my favorite bucket bag as of late comes in. The bucket bag compliments the bell bottom-ish sleeves to my '70s vibe romper. In addition, I know I could have totally worn some suede ankle boots to make this look even more "fall" appropriate (which this is probably what I will do if I wear this again), but these Lola Shoetique gladiators sandals were simply irresistible today, so I went with that option because it was too bloody hot to be "fashionably correct". Plus, who creates these bizarre rules anyway?!?! Go ahead and bash and lash away, but I refuse to apologize for the satisfaction of my personal contentment, lol. Wouldn't you rather be comfortable than be uncomfortable on any given day??? I for one am definitely not about that all hot and bothered life.

Speaking of '70s vibes.... So I'm an '80s baby, so unfortunately I'm not aware of what that awesome decade was like. But, from what I've read and what I've heard, this period of time was all about everything love, peace, innovativeness, colorful, trippy, exploration without explanation, and far out. After contemplating on what explanation I could afford you fab dolls with my outlandish '70s look, I really have nothing to offer aside from its totally what the '70s were all about! So, if you're still thinkin' that this look is waaaaaaaay out there or you may not quite understand it, well sorry lovelies, but..... MISSION TOTALLY ACCOMPLISHED!! '70s were unexplainable, you did what you felt, without any apologies! Sorry but not sorry for this one..... LOL ;-) MSsignature

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