Forever 21 midi skirt :: Forever 21 crop top :: Lola Shoetique heels :: Dior sunnies

Hey Lovelies! Sunday is my absolute favorite day of the week! I know a lot of people clamor about how Sundays are depressing and what not because it's the finale to the weekend and the preface for the beginning of another week, but I absolutely love Sundays. This is my day to acknowledge and give thanks to the Almighty, relax, catch up on life, hang with those whom matter most, blog, write, plan, organize, and get whatever else done I neglected the previous Monday through Saturday. All in all, Sundays are my gem and I look forward to them each and every week!

 If you guys read my previous post "Wine & Leopard", I forewarned you all that I'm currently crushing on wine, oxblood, burgundy & various colors in that family. So now that I am in the full swing of Fall, I get to create looks with my favorite color (burgundy) of this season. The other day I made a quick trip to Forever 21 per usual for quick browsing and although I'm well stocked up for Fall thus far, I didn't want to pass up these two little numbers! One of the reasons I love shopping at F21 is that sometimes you come across items like these that really don't look Forever 21-ish. The quality of this skirt is everything, nothing I'd ever expect to find at Forever 21. As I browsed a little more, I found this "Sunday" crop top in which I knew immediately I would pair these two together for the perfect Sunday outfit! FYI, I'm not sure why these items weren't displayed together but, you're welcome in advance Forever 21 and feel free to showcase my pairing, lol joking (not really). Initially, I thought that my wine Lola Shoetique sandals would have been something like an burgundy overload, but screw it, I think the overload worked perfectly to my advantage this go around! 

Not sure about you guys, but I'm still a fan of midi skirts, mainly because of their timelessness. No matter what color, style, print, or material, I don't think you can ever go wrong with a midi as long as it's paired right! I also love midi skirts because it transitions seamlessly to every season, and from day to night. Whenever you want to achieve that ladylike vibe, midi skirts can always be a great option for  a go-to piece. My personal preference is to style them down and I typically do this with muscle crop tops (as shown above) or a regular graphic t-shirt. Now that I think about it, when I do rock this look as often as I do, I'm kinda getting the best of both worlds - feminine and tomboy!

Hope you all had a wonderful and well spent Sunday! 


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