Street Style - OTK Boots & The Faux Fur Stole

Street Style - OTK Boots & Stripes & FauxFur1 Street Style - OTK Boots & Stripes & FauxFur2 Street Style - OTK Boots & Stripes & FauxFur3jpg Street Style - OTK Boots & Stripes & FauxFur4 Street Style - OTK Boots & Stripes & FauxFur5


Forever 21 blouse :: Mango shorts (old) :: Nordstrom faux fur stole :: Lola Shoetique OTK boots :: Prada sunnies 

Hey Lovelies!! In lieu of spicing up autumn and incorporating a tad bit of Fall 2015 trends in my rotation, here's my "Street Style - OTK Boots & The Faux Fur Stole" edition. As mentioned in my previous post, OTK boots are super trendy right now, but faux fur stoles are back into full effect as well. Ironically, this throwback accessory has become one of fall's coolest trends. There's no secret that scarves typically make their comeback around Fall and Winter seasons, but I'm kinda digging their sophisticated sibling (or is it their revival) a lot more this year. Fun Fact, "stoles" were a popular garment decades and decades way back when and were only worn by those who were high in society. However, on recent runways, we saw "the stole" on catwalks from Lavin to Marc. Without gushing too much more about it, I'll spare you all "my-love-for-the-stole" rant, but I'm definitely loving the rebirth of this particular garment. Don't you guys love it when fashion recycles itself!?!? I certainly do!  

Living in Los Angeles is definitely a blessing because of the consistent weather. Nevertheless, when it comes to actually experiencing Fall and Winter seasons, we kinda lack in that department (not kinda, we most definitely do) which is why I am still able to wear shorts in autumn, lol. Yes, the temperatures have dropped, but in 70 + weather you will not catch me wearing a trench coat and or any other fall appropriate outerwear. BUT..... I think this particular street style look is perfect for someone who's in the same boat as I am in regards to not being able to wear season specific garments. The good news is that I was still able to incorporate a little bit of Fall with the pairing of my OTK boots and faux fur stole. If you're someone who must stay up with trends, but aren't able to because of the lack of seasonal weather like I do, find a way to comprise. You can always use an accessory that's currently trending and add that to your look. You'll be surprised at how a little goes a long way! 


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