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H&M jumpsuit :: Christian Louboutin pumps :: Sugar K clutch :: Dior sunnies

Hey Lovelies!  I know this look  seems all Valentine's Day-ish and all, but I was just feeling an over-abundance of love lately and since I drive pass this wall on a daily basis, I decided to smother you guys with oodles and oodles of my love today! It is true what they say about love conquering all especially when it comes to manifesting your desires. Think about it! Is love not the core of our existence?  We talk about love, sing about it, and write about it! Fact of the matter, is that as beings of the universe, each of us are composed of love, love, and more love! If you're not freely giving what is given unto you on a daily basis, particularly something as simple as love, then hurry up and wake up, and start spreading only like the best thing ever! Oppppsss, I went on a little rant there, but seriously, giving, receiving, and embracing the whole concept of love is super important. John 3:16 tell us, "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." 

So........ In regards to this look, I also thought that the "LOVE WALL" would pop the gazillion polka dots in my jumpsuit and because I paired a polka dot print with hearts, that was pretty much all the affirmation I needed to use this wall for a backdrop.  Never have I ever coupled polka dots & hearts but in some odd way, it worked out rather nicely. In efforts to evolve (evolve, not change)  my style a bit, I've been attempting to pair things that I would not ordinary. Lovebugs, this is yet another beauty of fashion because you have the ability to switch it up from time to time which gives you a "freshness" to your style. I've found that you can save a couple of dollars by using items already in your wardrobe in attempt to keep the switch up fresh! Try this by simply contrasting prints you wouldn't usually such as mixing polka dots & hearts, or polka dots & floral, stripes & floral, etc.. For this look, I choose to accessorize with hearts because I hadn't worn these Loubs since Valentine's Day 2014, but I figured it might be wise to get my money's worth a few more times. This is typically why I try not to purchase extra trendy or seasonal items. However, to break that bad habit of mine, I've learned to not get caught up into what is considered "trend at the moment" and wear what I feel. This allows me to get the most out of my money when it comes to my wardrobe spending. Call this look "Valentine's Day in November"  or whatever you want, lol! But, for me, I'm simply happily trotting against the "Love Wall" in my "polka dots & hearts" and spreading love on a lovely, simple November day! MSsignature

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