Pink Cocktail Dress


Hey Lovebugs! There are some colors, styles, patterns, textures, etc. that you'll always have a sweet spot for, the color pink serves as this little sentiment for me in fashion. Anything pink typically grabs my attention. For years I had it really bad to where I'd want to wear/buy everything pink, accessorize my room pink, and pretty much any/everything I owned was pink. Now that I look back on it, I guess that was my way of solidifying the super girly-girl  in me. But, there are moments when I can't resist the urge and I  get weak, hence my purchasing of this pink cocktail dress. However, I'm not particularly sure if I was more attracted to this dress because it is pink or because it is made from scuba material. There's no secret that I love scuba material either and this is another primary reason as to why I purchased this pink cocktail dress. Neoprene aka Scuba material, in my opinion, is God sent and I especially like that designers have thought outside the box and evolved this material from oceanic adventures. We saw this material become very popular and trendy last year, but I love how it's managed to stick around for another year. I think that my most favorite attribute about this material is that its almost always designed with a flare; flared skirts, flared dresses. You guys know how I live for ultra-feminine features and details and neoprene pieces seem to capture this precisely. I also love the facade of scuba material, in that it seems like its really heavier weight material, but in reality, it is pretty lightweight.

A year later, and these black Top Shop single sole heels are still my favorite go-to's. Perhaps its because they go with almost everything or maybe its because they are super duper comfortable compared to any other black sandal I've ever owned. Regardless, I'm not willing to replace them just yet! On another note, how artistically cool is this black and gold confetti clutch? Lately, I've been collecting these petite little clutches and even though I didn't need another black and gold one, I knew I couldn't resist getting this one. I love how bold it is, and I love how it has the ability to dress up and or add the perfect pop to a look. As an aspiring fashion philosopher (lol),  I think it is quite important to purchase accessories that enable the ability of constant recycle. This has been a philosophy I tend to really stick to, and for the most obvious reason. You save quite a bit of money! I especially see myself reusing this clutch during the holiday season to highlight my more plain red, emerald green, or black holiday looks. Fashion is all about recycling and really allowing your pieces to be relevant for as long as possible. This is the primary reason I tend to stray away from constantly following current trends. You'll go broke quite easily that way. ;-p


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