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Maje dress :: Sophia Webster sandals :: Sophia Webster crossbody/clutch :: Fendi sunnies 

Hey Lovelies! LBD's are always quite fun to style especially since the possibilities are endless when it comes to styling them. However, what do you do when your "Little Black Dress" already has a quite nice spice about it?!?! Does one play it up even more, or dress it down and let the LBD shine on its own??? Well, from the looks of things, I definitely played up this little number! I really loved the detailing of this dress and I actually saw it months ago, however, I wasn't too thrilled about the price. BUT, you know what they say, "good things come to those who patiently wait," and indeed this was true in this case because I recently found it on a major sale. I'm super fond of the overall structure of this LBD  - the volume, the pleats, slit pockets, and technical knit all had me sold. Again, realizing that this dress is a statement in itself, I'm pretty sure it probably would've been ok for me to simply pair this LBD with an ordinary or more basic heel. But, I totally wasn't feeling that and decided to accessorize my Maje LBD with a more decorated choice, to say the least. 

Oh, Sophia! You can always count on Sophia Webster for nothing less than  whimsical, colorful, exuberant, imaginative, fun, and the list goes on and on and on! If I haven't mentioned this before, SOPHIA WEBSTER is by far my favorite shoe designer right now and most likely forever, for countless reasons. Her shoes and bags are always out of the box, yet somehow trend related which is a rarity. Nonetheless, I wasn't surprised at how quickly I fell in love with her "Miss Thang" pair. From as long as I can remember, I've always adored her speech bubble designs but never found one truly relative to my personality. On the other hand, I could absolutely identify to the "Miss Thang" speech bubble design.  I mean seriously, what female species doesn't have a little "Miss Thang" in her persona from time to time? Though these sandals and this cross-body had been sitting in my closet since summer, I needed to find something that could do them a great justice and I'm kinda thinkin' this Maje LBD complimented them quite perfectly!

Reason 1,000,001 I love fashion is because you have the ability to creatively piece together pieces you wouldn't ordinarily or pair unique pieces like those shown above together and somehow it just works. More importantly, I love to support designers who design artistic and original products, like crazy cool speech bubble sandals or allusive see-thru knit baby doll dresses. I become soooooo inspired, I can't even convey to you guys in words how overwhelming excited I get. As a designer myself, this teaches me that its ok to design outside the box, that it is ok to create items that are crazy yet oh so cool! And yes, you'll definitely run into your critics, but at least you know you've created something true to you, and really, that's all that matters! 


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