M.S. Photography - Coco & Sha Cancun Edition

Coco&Sha2CocoSwim2CocoSwim4CocoSwim7CocoSwim5 Sha2 Sha3 Sha7 Sha5

Hey Lovebugs! While in Cancun, I had the opportunity to shoot my two besties on the beach in front of Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach aka our awesome hotel! Shooting them was such a rewarding experience. I'll admit I was a little nervous because I don't have any behind the camera experience really, but, of course, I'm a little familiar with a few settings as a fashion blogger. However, once I starting shooting it sorta came naturally to me. I actually used some of the techniques that my awesome photographer Darrell uses for my pictures. Applying those techniques with a little bit of luck produced some super cool pics (well at least I think so). I don't think I'll become a photographer anytime soon, but I definitely think I found another new hobby! Thanks Coco and Sha for being my test babies!! Love ya'll! 


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