Chicwish shirt :: Cotton On pants :: Tom Ford sandals

Hi lovelies! When you find lipstick on your shirt and dangling from your shoulder, I think its time to admit you have a lipstick addiction. With that said, "HI, MY NAME IS MADAME SMITH AND I'M ADDICTED TO LIPSTICK." Lol, all jokes aside, since I'm pretty fond of lipstick, I went pretty bananas for this lipstick shirt and clutch. Casual outfits usually get overlooked, but I love playing them up and having fun with chill looks from time to time. I've been obsessing over artsy clutches like these lately - but, I might need to chill a little bit because I'm running out space to house them. But, I mean, come on, was I really to pass up this lipstick shaped clutch!? I think not! Plus, unlike some of my other themed clutches (unfortunately), this one won't be a "one-time" wear. 

When I received both the shirt and clutch, I initially had no idea how and what I'd pair this duo with. The shirt only came in a one-size-fit-all size which was extremely oversized for my petite frame, so I tailored it as much as possible to fit me more snug. However, without loosing the lines and pattern, there was still a little more room than I desired. Tying it in a front-knot was my best solution. Although, I know that's "so summer", incorporating the pleather pants helped create some sort of a "seasonal" balance and the denim and leather Tom Ford sandals sorta tied  the shirt and pants together! 

So about my lipstick addiction, lately I've been heavly obsessing over nude and brown tones. I can't stand myself right now because I'll buy a shade that's slightly lighter or darker than one I've previously purchased, but find a way to convince myself that I still need it. But, I'm hoping to get over this phase soon, because this addiction isn't cheap. I know my fellow lipstick addicts can relate!!!!!! And now thanks to all the makeup bloggers I follow, they unknowingly persuade me to believe that's there's absolutely nothing wrong with this rationale... Don't worry guys I'll enter rehab if my addiction persists, lol!   


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