Lavender Romance

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Chicwish skirt ::  American Apparel crop top :: Lola Shoetique sandals 

Hey Lovelies! I've spent many years admiring lavender - from cut bouquets, burning oils, soaps, candles, to spritz.... I have honestly enjoyed it all when it comes to lavender, both the color and smell. Although we are well into fall, and a dreamy color like lavender is a beloved staple for spring and summer, I wasn't willing to let this beauty of a skirt go to waste. Surely fashion critics might advise us to leave pastel florals behind in the fall and winter seasons, but I'm begging to differ. There are ways to make pastel hues relevant for the fall.  Plus, by wearing pastel and/or neon hues, all eyes will be on you (if you're into that sort of thing). Why? Because you'll probably stick out like a sore thumb, lol. If you're going to wear pastels during the fall howver, I will suggest to add darker-hued accent pieces or even make-up. Colors like burgundy or chocolate brown ironically accent softer tones quite nicely. For example, though my look shown above is pretty spring/summer-ish, my darker lip shade helps make this look more suitable for fall.

Can I take a moment to gush about how much I'm in love with this skirt? Doesn't it just look like a lavender romance? Doesn't it look like a lavender dream? Once I finally wore, I felt like I was just a girl, at a beautiful setting, lost so deep in love (sighssssss). Nevertheless, because my skirt was the focus of attention in this look, I did not feel the need to overdo it or over-accessorize. It was my primary goal to keep this piece the center of attention. Pairing it with a white crop top also helped to make this piece pop even more. These Lola Shoetique sandals were the icing on the cake, they matched perfectly! 

If ever you're in need of or want to purchase a unique full skirt or any garment that has a chic style, look no further than CHICWISH! Their pricing is affordable and their items are great quality. I also love that the majority of their pieces are fun fashion. This company is one of my best kept secrets, so don't ever say I was stingy and didn't share with you guys, lol! 


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