Halloween 2015

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Target graphic tee :: Forever 21 shorts :: Lola Shoetique gladiator peep toe :: Dior sunnies :: Sugar K crossbody bag

Happy Halloween 2015 Lovelies!! Here's to another year of not exercising any sort of creativity on this annual occasion. I always promise myself each year to come up with some sort of awesome original costume, but then the next year turns into yet another year of procrastination and I just don't seem to have enough time to execute anything really good. So, per usual I resort to Target in which I can always count on them having those non-costume, Halloween participatory tees! Hey, at least, there's some sort of acknowledgement for this day, right? At any rate, I think I 'm more excited to share my funky peep-toe's I got from Lola Shoetique the other day instead of wasting another moment on ranting about my lack of "Halloween enthusiasm" this year. No, but seriously, how sexy are these little baddies?!? And surprisingly, they've really comfortable. Gladiators haven't left the scene just yet (well at least not mine), so these are perfect this fall, especially for warmer days! Adding these to my Halloween 2015 look just seemed appropriate and made me feel a little bit gothic. Not sure what intrigued me to rock this ladybug crossbody, but again it was another new addition to my wardrobe that deserved to make an appearance today. So perhaps, I could pass as your friendly and neighborhood  "FASHIONISTA GOTHIC SUPER LADYBUG" or maybe just nothing, lol! Ok, let me just cut to the chase and be honest with you guys, I totally just used today as an opportunity to throw on all my newbies!!  Well, any who lovebugs be safe in whatever and however you decide to celebrate. Hoping that each of you thoroughly enjoy your Halloween 2015!!  MSsignature

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