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Alma Mei denim shirt dress :: Christian Louboutin pumps :: Forever 21 bucket bag :: Oldnavy bow belt :: Prada sunnies

Hey Lovelies! Although Fall is here and in full effect, I'm still not able to pull out my fall wardrobe as yet, neither am I able to layer just yet (which I'm pretty excited to do this year). Los Angeles weather is still quite warm with temperatures still lingering in the high 80's (why, why, why??). However, I'm getting a little envious of my fellow fashionista bloggers in other regions who've been able to rock their fall pieces, and I must say, I'm loving what I see!  Nevertheless, despite the warm temps here in L.A., I'm beginning to transition into fall color schemes and pieces that are slightly fall appropriate. A major staple piece this fall for me will be the  chambray shirt. Why you might ask? This piece can be worn solo, can be accessorized many ways, dressed up or down, and you're able to layer it which will work perfect for fall and winter. When I found this (chambray) denim shirt dress the other day, I was too amp'd!! I've always wanted to create this look, but never found a denim dress shirt that fit me appropriately. I love the unevenness to this particular piece (short in the front and longer in the back).  Denim in general is always a great idea anyway because you can wear it any and everywhere and all year long! Another reason to be specifically gung-ho for the denim shirt dress is that it flatters all shapes and sizes and plays extremely nice with other prints and colors. So, go ahead and invest in the essential piece, believe me, it'll be handy. As shown above, I paired my denim shirt dress with black because I'm particularly fond of the chambray and black combination (life long fan).

So........ I wanted to add in a slight twist to this look, which is where the pony hair Loubs come in. Oh btw, can I just say that these were pretty comfortable in light of fact that typically no Louboutin I've ever owned or ever tried on has ever had any sort of comfort ability factor, like never eva. Maybe I pick them wrong, or I go for the prettier styles that usually hurt. But, I was able to last six whole hours in these bad boys! These are no longer on the website because I purchased them last season at their sale (yep, fashionista on budget always), so I wasn't able to link them to a specific product, but I'm sure there is something similar lingering instore on their website! WHOOP WHOOP, THE BUCKET BAG IS BACK!! The bucket bag is definitely a fall 2015 fave and the comeback is apparent in a BIG WAY! Although it slowly snuck back over the past few seasons, this trend is definitely going to dominate for this fall. To be completely honest, I love the bucket bag for countless reasons. I love how spacious they are which makes it completely practical to hold all my essentials. I love the versatility it affords. You can totally wear this style of bag day or night. For this season, I've noticed that fringe is quite popular on accessories. The fringed bucket bag I'm wearing definitely reminds me of a boho, which adds yet another flavor into my look! Overall, I loved how everything sorta came together with the denim shirt dress. This is by far one of my most simplistic, yet favorite looks of the year!! 


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