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Forever 21 crop top :: Cotton-On shorts :: Rebecca Minkoff mini tote ::  Quay Australia sunnies :: Forever 21 hat :: Forever 21 sandals

Hey Lovebugs! So lately I've been diggin' off-the-shoulder pieces. I've come across a lot of cutesy shoulder baring tops and dresses from Urban Outfitters, Cotton-On, and F21. In an attempt to create my first boho-inspired look, I figured this Forever 21 crop top was the perfect starter. Because it's Saturday and I usually aim to be as comfy as possible on weekend days, I kicked the heels to the curb and rocked these convenient sandals from Forever 21. On another note, I think quite possibly I've been living under a handbag rock because I totally just learned about Rebecca Minkoff. At any rate, I wanted like allllllll of her bags, but I settled for this totally unique spotted mini-tote which definitely added the perfect pop to my causal boho look. As a fashion blogger, I think its really important to venture away from your typical everyday style from time to time because you never how fond you may become of  different style genres. As per "casual boho", I've always loved how it looked on others, but when I actually created the look myself and added my own personal flare, I developed a new found love. Cheers to a great weekend my loves!


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