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House of CB dress :: Giuseppe Zanotti sandals :: YSL clutch

Hi lovelies! It's been awhile since I've worn a House of CB bandage dress. A few years back, I kinda went a little cray cray and bought every bandage dress this company pretty much ever designed, lol yikes! Don't act like you guys haven't ever gone through that sort of phase. Let's face it, we like what we like. Which isn't so much of a bad thing, but when the habit gets a bit excessive, that's when its time to reevaluate things. Thankfully, my fashion sense has evolved immensely so I don't ever feel the need to have a specific item in every color (seriously, it was that bad)!

So.......... what's black, white, and chic all over? If you guessed monochrome, that's definitely what I was aiming for!! Nevertheless, when I saw this monochromatic black and white bandage dress, I simply couldn't resist purchasing it. Isn't it everything bold and sexy!?! Although I vowed to never buy another bandage dress, I couldn't fight the temptation of the simple sexy lines combined with the graphic design of this dress. Plus, the long sleeve feature was an added bonus considering the weather has been a lot cooler these days.

I didn't over-accessorize this look, but I tend not to with most monochrome looks anyway. Monochrome is already sleek and chic so I like to keep the focus on my outfit versus attention on accessories. Speaking of accessories, I finally gave in and purchased a pair of the "wings" (lol, I've always referred to them as that).  I'll be honest, I've never been a fan of the  "Cruel Summer" by Giuseppe Zanotti, but I decided to pair them with my black and white bandage dress to give it a pop. Interestingly enough, I wore these for at least five hours without any excruciating pain, making these the most comfy Giuseppe's I own to date. So, I guess I finally get the hype about these - flashy and comfortable! 


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